“AXL!! Put the phone further awayyyy…!!!”
“Your eyes are too close to the screennnn!!!”
“Time to turn off the ipaddddd…!!!”

As a wife, I have many faults… But the hubby will attest to the fact that one of the things I’m NOT.. is a Nagger! I’m the kind who would rather pick up laundry on the floor, put down the toilet seat cover or put things back in its rightful place than to muster the effort to NAG!

So as a mother, you can imagine my frustrations when I found myself having to go off like a broken record over Axl’s bad screen habits, plus worry about it when I’m not around. I was annoyed by the person I had become…

That’s why when I was introduced to the plano app… I thought it was PURE GENIUS.

This Parenting Control App, developed with Health Promotion Board (HPB) and Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC), is definitely something every parent with kids using a gadget should have.

When I read about how they promote healthy eye habits by sending an alert to ensure your kid maintain a good distance between their eyes and the screen, I instantly clicked the ‘GET’ button to download the app! plano® app uses the facial recognition technology to help determine how far your kid’s eyes are to the device. Therefore, this will help them inculcate the habit of holding the device at the right distance. The thought that I didn’t need to nag at him had me completely sold! Lol!

It also brilliantly notifies your kids to rest their eyes after certain amount of time and also help them to sleep better at night by activating the blue light filter.

With the rise of childhood myopia in this generation, plano uses science-based smarts and artificial intelligence to detect early signs of deterioration and sends regular eye check-up reminders to parents too. I definitely welcome all the help I can get to avoid Axl needing spectacles!

Another major plus point for the app is their ability to monitor and control screen time. You can set the times on when your child can or cannot use their electronic gadgets with some simple scheduling. Eg. A no-device time can also be set via the app during dinner or homework time.

For Full Time Working Moms like me who are not always around to stop our children from using their devices or monitor how often and long our kids use them, the app records down how much time your kid uses their gadgets and even rewards them accordingly for developing good habit of balancing between homework, screen time and exercise time.

Or if you’re having a hard time telling your kids to put their devices down? Switch it off remotely using your own device. Trust me, the resistance they have is way less this way. Compared to the fuss they kick up when YOU take away their device… 😱😱😱

Lastly, the app also helps filter content and applications. Use the plano app as a content blocker by filtering restricted content and choosing the apps they can use, thus ensuring you a piece of mind to let your child surf the internet safely.

Their kids safety feature also notifies you when your kids move out from the designated safe zone, looking out for users’ physical safety by monitoring their whereabouts.

Weekly Feedbacks will be sent to help track your kids’ progress. As they continue to use the app, children can also earn plano® points whenever they use the device well. Parents can then buy outings from the plano shop with it and enjoy some savings!

Use plano® App in 4 steps:

1. Download on the App store here or head to your Google Play Store.

2. Register with your email address and password

3. IOS users will need to install mobile device management profile as required by Apple to allow you to supervise your kid’s devices.

5. Add child and enter name, DOB & eyesight details

They are offering the FREE App for 1 Child and 1 Parent Account. While a Lite Plan is estimately $3.98 per month. They also offer a Family or Annual plan too.

So do visit for more information!

Here’s ending this post with some great tips from the plano team!


This service was sponsored but opinions and observations shared are 100% writer’s own.

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