At the sudden realization of how fast you are growing, Mummy got super nostalgic and went to dig up your newborn baby photos. I thanked God for technology and for all the photos and videos i took and archived neatly. Coz it brought back memories of all those precious moments when i first laid eyes on you and i reminisced the day of your birth.

You were born on 5th May 2015 12.21pm at the 38th week of pregnancy. That morning, I was so excited to meet you. Not in a jittery excitement kind of way, more like a “I’m beyond ready to meet you and can’t wait to hold you in my arms where I’m never gonna let you go” kind of way. In fact, the nurse in the surgical ward remarked that i was so confident and calm for my 1st pregnancy!

In the delivery theater, one of the first things your Daddy said to me when you were out was, “He has your nose!”. To which i remarked in in half horror “Huh, means what? Very big ah??” Haha… But no worries my child, your nose is perfect and remains one of your most complimented features! 

You were a skinny beanie at birth weighing a low side of average at 2.62kg. At 8 months, you are now around 3 times heavier than you were at birth! And one of Mummy’s favorite activity is chewing on those yummy chubby thigh of yours… 

Your birth length/height was 49cm. And when some people commented that you looked really long, Mummy & Daddy were secretly very pleased to hear that! Hehe… Let’s just say that we are not blessed with the gift of height and we had prayed hard that you’ll transcend your DNA in this area! But you’ll soon grow to realize that your physical height has no limits nor relevance to the giant you’re called to be on the inside!  

 Barely 1 day old...
Barely 1 day old…

These newborn photos made me tear up, you were just so so tiny and precious…

Here’s a summary of your 7th month milestones & experiences:

  • You had your first swim in a pool on 2015 Dec 6 at Hard Rock Sentosa (blog post coming soon!)
  • You’re playing with your saliva and love making spit bubbles (think that’s what they call it!)
  • You surprised us and gave us the best Xmas gift when you clapped your hands on Boxing Day 2015 Dec 26. Nowadays, you break out in claps numerous times a day especially when you’re happy and THAT makes us so very happy!
  • Your 2 bottom teeth are out!
  • You like to affectionately pat me when i carry or nurse you. 
  • You no longer like to sit and prefer us to hold you to stand up.
  • You had your first Water Play fun at Gardens By The Bay and sat on a slide for the first time with Xiao Yi! 2016 Jan 3

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