It’s Lucas’s Birthday Bash and Lil X’s first swim! We spent the entire awesome afternoon chilling in the waters… But wait! Can you guess if we’re at the beach or the swimming pool???

It’s kinda BOTH… A beach and a pool!

We’re back at Hard Rock’s beach pool and with it’s beautiful tropical landscape, cabanas (for rent), pool bar, lazy pool and background music playing, it’s the perfect recipe for a relaxing time under the sun!

The kids will love it too! Younger ones can play with the sand and wade in the shallow waters without waves charging at them. While the older children can run around in the water play and slide areas.

Lil X is ready for his first swim!! Or so I thought, when he happily got into his swim gear… Maybe it was the cold waters, but he hated it the moment his feet dipped into the pool. He ended up taking a really long time to warm up (no pun intended) and basically cried/sulked most of the entire time we were in the pool.

Thankfully, he relaxed a little under the very skilled hands of XiaoYi guiding him into the waters. If there’s anyone I trust Axl with when it comes to learning to swim, it would definitely be XiaoYi. But if there’s anyone I fear leaving him with in the waters, it would probably also be her as there’ve been talks about dunking my son into the pool to let loose his inner water baby! *nervous lol* 

Towards the end of the day however, Lil X got really comfortable with the water… How comfortable?

He started to put his hands into the water and then lick the waters of his fingers… ZOMG!

 Feeding the water deprived kid with legit water!
Feeding the water deprived kid with legit water!

As usual, by the end the of the day, the kids are all super tired and so it’s just us smiley adults posing for the camera!

Anyway, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCAS!!! Being the closest to Lil X in age, I’m sure you’ll lead him in much mischief and many adventures & whatnots in the coming days ahead! Love you lots, cheeky monkey!

P/S: Poor Wayne was really sick with tummy pains that morning and they couldn’t join us for the swim. But we’re glad they dropped by in the evening for the birthday celebration when he was feeling better!