Those who know me well, know that I CANNOT cook to save my life. I remember years ago, while we were still dating and I once attempted to cook for the husband. It did not go well and let’s just say that I’m thankful he is not one of those you-win-his-heart-through-his-stomach kinda man! 😁

When Axl was about to start eating solids, my sister passed her Beaba Babycook to me and I can’t even begin to tell you how it has saved my life! But seriously, this little machine has made me feel like such a good mummy!

It definitely falls into the category of ‘One of those things you don’t think you need, but when you have it, you realize you can’t do without!’

With only 2 buttons, it’s super easy to use…

Steam – To cook the food (averagely within 15mins; depends on what you cook)

Blend – To purée it (in seconds!)

All within one machine! It is also a pasta/rice cooker and has countless of online recipes. With this power tool, you can get really creative and cook up all sorts of healthy home-cook meals for your baby!

After pureeing, pour the blend into these ice food trays that comes in various sizes to freeze them for later use. These portions(15g) work really well especially in the beginning when you start introducing solids to your baby. Gradually, when they start increasing their intake, simply add another cube or better yet, combine different cubes of food to add variation to your baby’s meal.

When frozen, store them into milk storage bags and label with the content and date. You can then reuse the ice food trays and also save space in your freezer! I usually try to use them within a month, but some people say it’s good for up to 2-3months(even 6months!) when well frozen. Simply take out the portion you want, defrost and heat them up before feeding your lil one!

Well, there it is… My non-existent standard of what it means to be able to cook! Though some of you may baulk, I’m gonna stick to my title and be encouraged by this baby step that Mummy (Ok fine!…’sort of’) CAN cook! :p