A surprise to greet my baby daddy after a long day at work just because!

Dads are probably the most under appreciated sometimes… They shoulder the responsibility of providing for the family, have to give a sense of security for the household, chip in with housework, while being a hands on dad and so so much more!

During my pregnancy, there were times where I felt really alone in the process. Especially with all the physical changes in my body and the mental/emotional transitions into motherhood. But I felt very touched and supported by Ken’s little and big actions along the way. Here are some things he did that made me feel like he was walking through the whole maternity experience with me:

1) Read the articles I shared with him

As a first time mom and the primary caregiver of our baby, I would read up as much as I could and devoured any information I could get my hands on regarding my pregnancy, the baby’s development, birth, etc, to equip myself for motherhood.

And in hoping to prepare Ken likewise, I would occasionally email him the more important articles or screenshots of a really good excerpt. Knowing that he is not an avid reader, it really warmed my heart to know he read them when certain topics pop up in our conversations!  It made me feel that he was just as interested and wanted to be on the same wavelength as me in this journey!

2) Was actively involved & gave his opinions for baby purchases

I’ve always been a super decisive and confident shopper. So I was totally unprepared at how unsure and insecure I would be when it came to shopping for the baby’s furniture or even the baby’s daily necessities. I’m not sure if it was because of the overwhelming sense of responsibility I felt towards a little precious life, but it was extremely stressful. I remember spending hours and hours trolling Mothercare & Kiddy Palace and leaving empty handed, literally giddy and nauseated from the many choices and variations of one item!

As a father-to-be, he probably was just as clueless whether we should get that hooded or un-hooded towel. But in times like these, I was glad that he didn’t just fold his arms and wait at the entrance, leaving everything to me to ‘settle’. He might have even felt like he was offering his 2 cents worth of opinion here and there, but it was priceless to me! Making decisions together (no matter how menial) simply took the load of my shoulders when I felt overwhelmed…

3) Surprised me with little treats

Throughout my pregnancy, I kept waiting for the weird food cravings to happen so i could ‘send’ the husband scrambling all over Singapore in the name of the baby wanting to eat it. But it didn’t come… Haha!

In fact, I had food aversion in my first trimester and no particular cravings throughout the 9 months. So Ken had it easy when it came to this aspect.

But there was this day that Ken came home from work and surprised me with these lovely cakes. I remember that day was particularly suck-ish as I was struggling with some abdominal pains and backaches. And so the surprise was a great distraction. Plus he not only filled up our stomachs(mummy & baby) but my love tank too!

 My day made sweeter with these treats!  My day made sweeter with these treats!

4) Quality ‘date’ meals

Weeks before the baby was due, he brought me out on ‘dates’ during our off days for some quality time. It wasn’t that we dined at expensive restaurants or that he brought on the theatrics like candle lights and flowers. He simply wanted me to enjoy my favourite foods before the birth and my confinement. So instead of just settling for a convenient meal to fill our stomachs, we’d take time to travel to some of my favourite eateries and enjoy our couple moments and an un-rushed meal.

 My favourite wagyu beef pizza that is a perfect mix of beef, mushroom, cheese and caramelized onions! Pure bliss... My favourite wagyu beef pizza that is a perfect mix of beef, mushroom, cheese and caramelized onions! Pure bliss…

5) Regularly prayed for me and our lil babe

A man’s prayer for his family is like a mother’s embrace to her child.

OMGosh… I totally just made this quote up and i love it. Lol! But seriously… It brought me great comfort and assurance every time i hear him vocalize his thoughts, hopes, desires and dreams for this family through his prayer. No matter how stressed up or how down i feel, it just clears everything up and makes it all that much better!

SO THANK YOU, DAHRIE! This post is for U… Muacks! 💋




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