On Boxing Day last year (26 December 2015), Lil X surprised us by clapping for the 1st time. I say ‘surprised’ because we didn’t consciously teach him to do it, other than sing “If you’re happy and you know it…” here and there. So i guess he’s picking things up really quickly and it made us realize that we should start teaching him more now.

The husband likes to expose me when telling this story… that i was so surprised and proud of him that I teared! Oh well, what can i say… the pride of a mom. Just let me revel in it!

Fast forward to around 1 month later, clapping has become Lil X’s favourite activity! The above video makes me LOL seeing how my little performer, as if realizing that we’re filming, proceeds to show off his skills! 

He claps when he’s happy!

He claps when you are happy!

He claps when he’s bored!

He claps in the wee hours when he should really be sleeping!

He claps when he wants your attention!

He claps to show off!

He claps when you ask him to!

He claps when you asks him to do something else!

Think you get the idea… Basically, he claps all day long. So a round of applause for my lil clappy happy boy!!!