These pictures make me wanna burst into tears! Lil X is so blessed to have his cousins constantly dote on him and look out for him… Just so much love!

Kor Kor Wayne peppers the day with remarks like “Baby Axl is the cutest baby ever!”

Kor Kor Gabe can’t speak much but repeatedly points to Lil X and says Bay-bee-bee-bee-bee-bee and is always so affectionate to him. And when Axl accidentally pulls his hair (oops!), Kor Kor Gabe is always the most forgiving. 

Jie Jie Amanda always asks to carry Baby Axl even though she barely has the strength to!

And Kor Kor Lucas, who is practically a baby himself and probably the least fond of babies, have somehow warmed up to X and has even shared one or two of his most most precious Thomas possessions… *Gasp!* If that ain’t love, i don’t know what it is!! 

Some pics from our lil Bubble Parade that day… Glad to have Jie Jie Chloe with us too!

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