Dearest Baby X,

Today you turn 9 months old! We rejoiced the whole day today and couldn’t stop exclaiming how much “we love this 9month old baby”!!

As we step into the final quarter of your 1st year, we marvel at all your milestones so far and realize how fast you are growing and learning each day… You can now appreciate animals more and love staring at birds, cats and dogs. One of your favourite actions lately is to mimic bird bird flyyyy;; flapping both your arms. This credit goes to Dad Dad as he often brings you ou for morning walks to watch the birds.

Another action you’ve picked up is waving hello & bye bye. You do this by flapping one arm/wrist awkwardly and sometimes both. This though, is kind of a hit and miss situation… Where sometimes, we’d ask you to wave to someone and you’d do the clap instead or just stare at the person. Other times though, you’d be waving madly to strangers on the street. But hey, great effort dude! 

You’re sitting really well and independently too. Plus you hate cereal and love porridge! And there was a short one week period, two weeks ago, where you were started snoaugh-ing! This funny thing where you snorted and laughed at the same time… You’ve got high skills babe, Coz I have no idea how this is even possible to do and I’ll admit to failing miserably in my many attemptS to imitate you. 

This month, we also learnt how determined you are! I’ve decided to start weaning you off and tried to introduce milk powder to you. But you refused feeds from the milk powdered bottles. When Mummy was at work and Grandma looked after you, you kicked and cried and rejected the first bottle containing just 1 scoop of formula(30ml) mixed with 150ml of breastmilk! To Grandma’s exasperation, you subsequently even rejected the bottles that had NO formula. This protest lasted from 9am to 6pm! A whole day without eating… Sob sob, how hungry you must have been! 🙁 Anyway, things are much better now and I’ll share more about this in my later blogpost!

Here’s signing off with 9 pictures of Mummy & my precious 9 month old baby whom I love so so so much! 


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