Chinese New Year this year kick-started with our CNY Service in church. With all the lovely decor, Chinese New Year songs and red packet giving & receiving, you can’t help but get into the joyous festive mood. Lil X attended the service with Grandma & Grandpa and even  ‘danced’ along our praise session!

That night, our series of feastings began… we started with Reunion Dinner with my side of the family. We were all super satisfied with the Red House Treasure Pot(Pen Cai) & Lotus Leaf Rice we ordered. Filled with goodness like abalone, sea cucumber, dried oysters, prawns, dried scallops, etc, it was really tasty and well cooked! It came with a Yu Sheng which we had for our starters and we closed the meal with yummy off the shelf coconut jelly desert!

The next day, we had Reunion Dinner with Ken’s family having our annual tradition and my all time favourite steamboat! Nothing beats the fresh seafood and homemade stock that my mother in law skillfully prepares.


We woke up early on Day 1 of Chinese New Year to head to my in law’s place. We’ll usually spend time as a family exchanging greetings and red packets, eating something sweet like desert and take family photos before heading at our relative’s house where everyone else gathers. Since it’s Axl’s first CNY, i decked him out in our traditional Chinese costume and in a gold anklet that belonged to his daddy when he was a small boy. Amazed that my Mom In Law kept it so well these 40+years!

Axl had fun meeting our relatives but the highlight must have been playing with the pet dogs and birds. The fearless fella kept wanting to stroke and grab them.


Day 2 entails a road trip all the way to Batu Pahat in Johor Malaysia to my Grandma’s house! This year, Elaine is in Japan on a holiday with Michelle. While Rachel has to work on Wednesday, so they’ve decided to not to rush in and out in one day. And Siong Ge + family were absent because poor baby Caleb was hospitalized with lung infection! So with the few of us, it was a cosy affair and lots of quality time with the great grandma.

Being the only baby around, Lil X did good in entertaining everyone with the thing he does best…. CLAPPING! Lol… I’m sure he enjoyed the attention with everyone fawning over him!

After spending quality time with our relatives, we ventured out to Batu Pahat’s newest building ‘Old Street’ for some photo taking too!