Say hello to Lil Baby Sarah!

We couldn’t stop gushing over this pretty princess! And it seemed Lil X felt the same way too. She was sleeping when he met her and didn’t seem to pay much attention to her at first. But once she woke and he probably realized she wasn’t a doll or maybe he knew she was this precious little baby, he couldn’t take his eyes (and hands!) off her.

Lil X has always shown interest in reaching out to older kids and loved being entertained by them. But we were still surprised at how affectionate he was with this little one. He kept looking at her and reaching out both hands,¬†wanting to touch her. Which honestly put me on edge as I’ve seen how merciless he is when violently tosses his toy doggie around. But nope, he sort of knew he had to be gentle with her and even carefully stroked her head twice (under my very nervous &¬†watchful eyes of course). It was such a sight to see him so tender that it left me thinking that whole afternoon… Yup, Lil X is ready for a younger sibling (specifically a younger sister THANKYOUVERYMUCH)!