“As a mum and so much more, we often give away so much of ourselves…

It’s important we find moments of solitude to recharge our soul & spirit”

Since becoming a mum, one of the phrases I catch myself saying most often would probably be “Come, Mummy GIVE…” Whether we verbalize it or not, we are constantly giving… milk, toys, love, attention, sleep, time, effort, you name it. Especially when we are often taking on so many other roles (as a wife, daughter, friend, mentor, student, employee/employer, etc etc) at the same time, I realize more than ever before the importance of taking good care of myself so that I can take on & thrive in these roles.

And for me, that means carving out some ‘alone’ time here and there for my sanity’s sake. Yup, I’m one of those extroverted introverts you read more about nowadays. As much as I love to be and am constantly surrounded by people, I do treasure and crave for my moments of solitude.

This usually happens after putting Axl to bed and swiftly settling some basic housework. Be it completing my outstanding work, reading, picking up the guitar, organizing or working on the blog, it simply helps me take a breather off the whirlwind of my day. 

Considering I used to be fiercely private about my life and thus initially really hesitant to start blogging, I must say it has become pretty therapeutic at times. Sometimes sifting through pictures or simply downloading my thoughts… 

In this way, I feel I’m able to achieve more, love more, live more and give more… All while being happier!