My lil darling, you turned 10months a few days ago… And lately, this is what you’ve been up to!

Yeappp…. It has started!!!! You haven’t started speaking yet but you sure know how to express your insistence in wanting to sit on these kiddy rides! You now know how to lean your body towards the direction you want to go and would make persistent ‘Uh Uh Uh’ sounds.

I was surprised when i put you on your first kiddy ride below… You were such a natural, alternating between placing one hand on the wheel & the other on the gear, turning the wheels with finesse and pressing the knobs here and there like a pro! I also marveled at how long you could stand on own while clinging onto the wheel. Needless to say, i had to pry your hands from the wheel when it was time for us to leave… Well, guess there’s no turning back now. Haha! 

Here are your 9 months milestones…

– You flip back and forth easily now

– Babbling lots with ‘tatata’ ‘mamama’ ‘dadada’ etc..

– You can sit up from lying down without help

– Able to look in response to my ‘where’ questions… (eg “Where is cat?” And you’ll look around in search for it)

– You can crawl!! Started with dragging your body with your hands…