I know how hard it is to get kids to eat their greens and know of many who hate their vegetables and go through their childhood years without eating them. So i was determined to start introducing greens (and other vege colours for that matter!) to Axl while he was still curious about solids and unable to put up much of a fight. I’m guessing when he starts growing a little older, it’ll be quite the battle if he insists on not eating them. Plus, I believe in not forcing them to eat anything they dislike, so i’ll probably just let him be if he rejects it.

But Mummy loves vegetables and Daddy is mostly ok with it, so we were hoping Lil X will take after us in this area! 🙂

The day came when I introduced spinach to the little guy for the first time (@ 7months old). To my relief and judging from these pics, I guess Lil X takes after us indeed! I started off feeding it to him as it is in puree form, but nowadays, I mix them into his porridge which he eats. Yay!! 

So for now, life is good and there’s no need for a big effort to hide or disguise these vegetables. But like i said… For now! 🙂