I grew up in an environment where my sisters and I would devour pages of books through the night and we all grew up loving to read! And I believe that this passion my parents instilled in us is the foundation to our invaluable learning advantage and reasonably strong command of language. 

For the first six months, I would often read aloud to Lil X in the mornings when he awakes. Other times, I would give him soft books to explore and play with. Though I must admit at this age, he would barely be paying attention or be listening much. Rather, he would often be way more interested in staring at the ceiling or salivating over the books. Between six to nine months old, he would interact more with the books by flipping the pages and occasionally looking at the pictures. And now that he’s 10 months old, reading to him is definitely beginning to be more fun and he’s showing more attentiveness during the sessions. At times, he’d even be looking at me intently as I read to him.    

Well, March has been a super busy month for me, and I kind of slackened quite a bit in reading to him regularly.  But I’m glad we’re back to our routine and ending National Reading Month strong!