With no morning sickness, intense cravings or much swelling, gassiness and bloatedness… my whole pregnancy process had been very kind to me. After giving birth, it wasn’t too bad too! However, one thing that I ‘suffered’ was severe (in my opinion!) postpartum hair loss. Due to hormonal changes after giving birth, some women do experience dramatic hair changes. And in my case, i started balding at the front… not unlike a receding hair line. I’m guessing this was probably already my weak ‘spot’ and simply made worse by the postpartum effects. It was super obvious especially when I tied up my hair! *yikes* 

P/s: *Squeals* OMG… How cute and tiny is Lil X over here?!! I cannot even… (Focus Vien!!)

When i noticed it, probably a month after giving birth, I freaked out a little(ok, maybe a lot!) and rushed out to find a remedy pronto! At Rachel’s recommendation, I decided to try Phytocyane Thinning Hair Serum for Women due to stress, fatigue, diet or post-pregnancy. It is said to strengthen hair and stimulate healthy new growth while improving thickness of hair and restoring shine.


I rubbed it onto my scalp every other day after toweling dry my hair, concentrating on the problem areas. Thankfully, it worked great for me and I started seeing results soon after. So nope, i did not just cut my fringe, but simply am growing one out due the effects of giving birth! Here’s the results 10months after… 😉




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