At times when I’m working late into the night (at home), the husband will try to help with Axl and take the midnight feed. Axl would usually drink his milk and go back to bed til his next feed. 

A few nights ago however, on 1st April – April Fools Day, the little fella decided to join in the fun to pull a prank on his mummy. When Ken wanted to give him his bottle, he went hysterical and screamed his head off, calming down only when I took over. It was unusual from his normal behaviour, but i just shook it off thinking it’s a one-off incident.

Well, my boy obviously did not get the memo that April Fool’s Day is way over and only supposed to last 24hrs, as the prank has still been going on! 

Seems like Lil X is going through a little separation anxiety at this stage and I’m guessing it might have something to do with his teething as well. He has not been drinking that well these 2 days and there’ll be times he’d be fingering his gums frustrated-ly, biting, plus playing with his saliva a lot.

Anyhow, Mummy will be with you during this stage and we’ll get through it together k! Hang in there, precious!! xoxo

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