Like many kids nowadays, Lil X is very blessed in that he receives many presents. In just one Christmas, he received gifts to last him through the year! (Read my previous post on Christmas here)

Or at least, Im trying to stretch it through half a year! Instead of opening up all his gifts in one sitting, we set them aside and bring them out one at a time, usually with a couple of weeks interval. With the order and choice of toy being determined and introduced according to the developmental stage he’s at. Of course, this is kinda easy at this point, as he is not so aware of the number of toys he’s been gifted. I’m sure the protests will probably come when he grows older… But I am wondering how old I’ll be able to keep this up until? Hopefully by then, he would have mastered the art of delayed gratification. 

Here is a ‘new’ toy he is enjoying… From dear Yi Yi!!

*Pardon that just woke up face! He REALLYYYYY loves it, Yi Yi!*