*5 April 2016*

Dear Lil X, happy 11 months old! And when I say HAPPY, that is really what you make Mummy and Daddy feel every single day… You are hitting so many milestones I don’t even know where to start! Pardon me for being all over the place, but here are the many things you can do at 11 months!

Your 2 upper teeth are now halfway out and you love to smother me with kisses by opening your mouth wide and planting them to my cheek/thigh! A lethal combination as its usually too late to tell whether you’re leaning in for a kiss or a bite! Talk about bite, your current favourite fruit is B-A-N-A-N-A…  

In the beginning of the month, you went through a short phase where you liked to throw yourself backwards when sitting down. So we had to ensure you are sitting on the mat and clear the objects behind you! Thankfully, you do that less now…

And now that you have mastered sitting steadily, you’ve moved on to standing! You know how to pull yourself up using your toys, furnitures, etc. Whenever you wake, the sight that greets me is that of you standing and holding onto the rails of the cot. Once or twice, I even caught you standing without holding onto anything for a good 3 seconds.

But probably one of the biggest milestones this month is your new found mobility! You are an expert in crawling and your curious hands are exploring every nook and cranny. So I’ve had to do some serious child proofing and hide all my child unfriendly items(vases, display, artsy decor pieces, etc..) from your sight.  

Your tiny hands are also used to holding your own milk bottle steadily. Plus you know how to hold a toy phone to your ears to ‘hello’. Just 2 weeks ago, you amused us to no end when you started opening your palms upwards and making this high pitch ‘eh? eh?’ sound as if you were looking for something or asking a question. And you did it all day long!

We brought you to play at your first ball pool at one of the restaurants in East Coast… You enjoyed it and was totally engrossed in it for a good 30 minutes!!

P/S: Mummy is so busy planning for your BIG day next month and I’m so so excited that you’re turning O-N-E!  

xoxo, Mummy