Where oh where has my sweet, angelic, zen baby gone to??? With the husband gone on a humanitarian trip, I’ve just realized how difficult it is to get Axl into his car seat when alone with him.

The scenario when I’m with Ken: He opens the car door to put the squirming, clingy, near hysterical baby into the car seat while i hurriedly take my seat on the other side of the backseat to distract him. And Lil X would usually calm down when he sees me in sight.

So yesterday, I decided to drive him to a nearby shopping center to do our weekly groceries and have my lunch. BAD IDEA! The scenario:

Axl : Starts his usual squirming, clinging(he pinches you to latch on tightly), near hysterical antics. Locks his legs straight so i cannot force him to sit into the seat…

Mummy : Distract him with a toy to no avail, pacifies and assures him it’ll be a short ride blah blah blah..

Axl : Goes full on hysterical with big droplets of tears flowing freely, not letting go of his leech like grip while throwing himself backwards and arching his whole back so that it would be simply impossible for me to even physically get him halfway into the seat.

Mummy : Get frustrated and tells him to stop it in a 101 ways (begging, pleading, firmly, manic-ly, using bribes, etc…) of course, to no avail. 

30 minutes later… We’re both covered in sweat and tears and are close to losing our voices and I’m almost certain our neighbour has called Child Services… that I decided I’ve had enough. We abandon the car and I defeated-ly call a cab.

AXL = ‘1’ vs MUMMY = Big Fat ‘0’!   

If you have tips on how to get them through this phase, do share, please….It’ll be much appreciated!


  1. Hahaha… this sounds so familiar. Here’s a few tips I have accumulated over the years.

    1: Turn on the engine to get the car cooled down first. Aircon full blast the car.

    2: Make sure his familiar music is played on the radio, or some calming music to soothe him.

    3: His fav. toys readily at hand

    4: If putting him in from outside the car is too strenuous, try from the side of the car (where you normally sit beside him)

    5: Buckle him up with the seatbelts and you quickly disappear from his sight. Don’t do the bye-bye / kiss-kiss thingy. That’ll only give him the signal that you’re going away. So just throw his fav. toys on his laps and hands and Weeesh… mommy disappeared into the driver seat and off on the road.

    6: Children are very smart, first 2-3 time, he may make his displeasure known to you during the journey. Bear with it for 3 experiences. Don’t panic. They don’t chock while crying (not if you give him tiny toys), so stay calm, keep assuring him with you calm………..ing voice until you reach your destination.

    7: After about 3 tries, he’ll know that his cries are to no avail, so he’ll give up and surrender to his ‘fate’ on the car seat. And you’ll enjoy happy rides in the future.

    Have fun!

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