Recently, I’ve been bringing Axl to the pet shop to look at hamsters and bunnies and all things cute… And he simply loves it!

Since a few months back, Axl has shown much love and curiosity toward pets. It started with seeing our super well fed (by the neighbors) resident cat daily. When we reach our block, I’d usually indulge him with a little quality time of hide and seek with the cat. We’d search him out and say our hellos-how was your day-good nights-see you tomorrows before heading home. 

He’d also be very fascinated by our friends’ beautiful pet cats and dogs every time we visited their homes.

Personally, I used to have a fear of dogs and have never been a huge pet lover… But that fear has subsided and in the recent few years, I’ve grown to be fonder of them. Though not enough to after a long day at work, come back to a house full of poop or poop stains! I would probably go berserk! So I figured the day I have a pet, is the day I have a domestic helper who can be home to keep the poop situation under control when I’m not at home. 

But despite my many reservations, I’ve always loved seeing pictures of babies and dogs growing up together. I think it’s like the sweetest thing ever! 

Seeing Axl so fearless and loving in the way he interacted with this little cutie, it definitely taught me a thing or two. Thank you darling for reminding me to be fearless when loving and to be fiercely loving!