My birthdays these last few years have always been kind of a mad rush as I’d usually be super busy during that season with our Easter Drama Costumes. But heading the Costume Department has been a source of my creative outlet and serving with the Costume family a joy! So no complaints from me…

This year was a little more special as it’s the first year we have Lil X celebrating together with me. The husband brought us to Colony at Ritz Carlton for a well deserved buffet feast! It was really nice as we took time to have our meal un-rushed and just to consciously slow down in the midst of the crazy schedule.

On a side note, it’ll be Lil X’s birthday in May. Being the kiasu parents we are, we have started singing the birthday song A-L-O-T to get him familiarized with it. Plus we’ve been showing him to how to blow his candle! LOL… Stay tuned to see if our efforts pay off when I blog about his upcoming birthday bash!

P/S: Thank you to all my family and friends who celebrated for me… all your love, wishes, gifts and time is very much appreciated! I’m so so blessed to have you all in my life!