I never felt thought grocery shopping can be this fun! Lol…

I guess when you see the joy and excitement on your lil baby boy’s face as he sits in a supermarket cart for the first time, it kind of rubs off on you a little (ok, A LOT!). Yup, an initial quick trip to grab some groceries and head back home,¬†ended up with us cooing over how grown up and cute he looks with his feet dangling off the cart. We took our time to push him around the supermarket, fast and slow, while stopping to take pictures in almost every aisle and corner…¬†recording and enjoying his milestone.

THIS is simply one of the reasons why I love having a baby. It just forces you slow down and you start finding joy in the smallest things and amidst the most mundane tasks!

On a side note, Lil X is starting to discover pointing to the direction he wants to go.. He hasn’t started using his finger to point yet though, more like leaning his body towards the direction he wants to go and occasionally raising his arm to a certain direction. I pray he’ll not be super demanding and insistent when he starts pointing around full force though… *fingers crossed*

“Thanks Mummy, it’s been a fun 1st ride and I’m ready to go home now!”