So here’s the story – Lil X lovesssss his favourite boat and little duckie bath toys that bathes with him almost everyday for the last 6months! But recently, I noticed he’d only play with it excitedly for the first half of the bath. Come the last part of it, he’d seem to have lost interest in it…

What you need to know also, is that Axl super loves his bath time and playing with water! And since a few months back, he’d squirm and cry his head off everytime we drag him out of the tub!

So today while bathing him, I noticed that same pattern of refusing his favourite boat and duck again at the later part of the bath but this time, he turned to face away from me and towards the wall! And suddenly it dawned upon me that he had been rejecting the bath toys because he knew I’d always use it to distract him and bluff him out of the water! That sudden revelation and coupled with his desperate attempt to avoid my eye contact and turn to face the wall made me burst out in fits of laughter. I marveled heartily at how this lil boy had been trying to outsmart me(by refusing his toys) without me even realizing it!

When Axl saw Mummy laughing uncontrollably, he too laughed happily and proceeded to keep facing the wall and turning back to watch me laugh harder, thinking it was a game! O boy… What would I do with you, lil smarty pants!

How did the bath end? With him screaming his head off of course!

 His favourite boat and duckie His favourite boat and duckie  More duckies...   More duckies…  Bath time drama happens here..   Bath time drama happens here..