When my friend approached Axl and I to appear in a short film he wanted to produce, I misunderstood and thought he wanted us in a short throwback scene and agreed to support him! So when I received the script and realized it wasn’t as I had thought, the first thing I did was to call him and asked if he wanted to use someone with more experience instead! Haha, yup I wasn’t confident as I hadn’t acted before and frankly, didn’t want to jeopardize his debut film!

Anyway, I did it in spite of my fears and was really glad as it was such a fun experience! Axl was great too and played all his parts perfectly. Many of you were curious about his crying scene – We shot that at the beginning of the day and it wasn’t that difficult. I had to step away to shoot that scene and amidst the sea of unfamiliar faces, his promptly cried his lungs out! 😁 I joke about the sacrifices he has to make for art’s sake, but really, my heart was breaking on the inside la..

And when the script called for a young boy, I thought my 7year old nephew Wayne would be great for the role! So we all had a great time filming together as a family and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

Thank you Daniel for this great experience and for pulling the scenes out of us! 🙂

And Happy Mother’s Day y’all!!