Since we’re on the topic of babies and baths…

t’s funny how motherhood changes your whole perspective on life and you start to reflect and seriously take stock of all your priorities. You start appreciating all the stuff that people normally don’t give two hoots about. But you, now enlightened and knowing better, repentantly value the deep things in life… My point in reference here? Profound things like how as a new mother, a GOOD LONG SHOWER can make you feel like a conqueror ready to take on the baby world once again and fight any miniature sized battles that come your way!

Maybe more so in the first few months where we, as new parents, were still trying to settle into a routine. With the countless feedings, diaper changing, bottles and toys washing, never ending laundry, let’s just say taking a bath tends to end up at the way bottom of your priority list. And I remember there was a season where almost EVERYDAY, I’d leave house covered in some sort of baby secretion. Milk, spit, saliva, mucus, snot, pee and yup, even bits of poo if your eyes are sharp! I hear those with baby girls are slightly luckier when it comes to diaper changes…

So, when the husband offers his help to give me a breather, my number one de-stresser is NOT to take a nap(no matter how sleep deprived I am), go shopping, get a massage(in your dreams!) or get a haircut(the messy look is my new style)! My secret indulgence is simply to take an unrushed, hot shower that involves a thorough wash and conditioning of my hair. On good days, I’d even get to throw in a scrub or slap on a luxurious 5 minutes face mask. Aahh… Pure bliss!

Welcome to my world!

P/S: It’s been barely weeks since you turned one, but you seem to have lost so much of all this baby-ness already!!?!

*photo when Axl was 5months*