This weekend we celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary and 12 feels big for us… Maybe because we identify it with our huge age gap. Yup, Ken & I are 12 years apart… One full cycle of the Chinese Zodiac Calendar!

As with all married couples, we’ve had our fair share of differences to work out over various issues. And one of the issues we’ve had over our vast age difference is probably in our levels of adventurism. To be fair, beyond just age, his preference and personality also contributes to the low appetite he has for the sportier and more adventurous activities. Whereas I, on the other hand, love a good challenge and conquering any new quest I’ve not attempted before.

So over the many years and lessons, I’ve learnt to do these with my like minded friends instead rather than spending days trying to persuade him to no avail and end up disappointed when unable to convince him. I’m much happier and I believe he is too, with the pressures and burden of expectations lifted off his shoulders. Plus, I’m more appreciative of the occasions (though rare) where he surprises me with his efforts to attempt something sporty or adventurous with me! 😉

So… Happy 12th Anniversary, Dahrie! Shall we go skydiving to celebrate?! 😂

 Thank you for the many beautiful memories we Thank you for the many beautiful memories we’ve created in the last one year… ❤

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