Axl is at the stage where he loves balloons and when we pass by a party shop or when he spots balloons from a distance, he’ll start flailing his arms and insisting we head to that direction!

So I knew he’d be super happy when we received a Media Invite to attend Balloon Candyland at AMK Hub! And boy, were we blown away with this giant balloon sculpture event! Larger than life candylicious treats like ginormous lollipops, candycanes, sweets of all sorts and even ice cream cones purely made out of lots and lots of balloons overwhelmed us!

We explored the various structures and had lots of fun creating memories at their instant photobooth. We were also treated to a  Balloon Sculpting Workshop where we were all given balloons to sculpt and were given step by step instructions by the Balloon Maestro himself! Mummy was wincing most of the time and afraid that the balloons might burst. So I had held them dramatically away from our faces and prayed silently they wouldn’t pop while twisting and bending it into shape. Alas, Baby X couldn’t sit through and the very kind instructor helped us finish off our lollipop balloon! Phew!

We left happily but not before the very hospitable Media Events team handed us a big bag filled with colorful and practical gifts! 

What a colorful afternoon!! 😍