So, I figured that my Korea post will probably take forever to be done, having more than 1000+ pictures to go through!

So I’ll post bits and pieces of Korea meanwhile..

Axl had many firsts on this trip and achieved his biggest milestone to date; he took his FIRST STEP a couple of weeks ago at 13months old! Woo hoo.. Way to go son!

I beamed(ok, squealed!) in delight as I watch my ‘not-so-baby’ baby further cement his way into toddler-hood… ┬áThis happened right after watching the Cookin’ Nanta show, while chillin’ outside the theatre! My baby was in a jolly mood after receiving some coloured balls from the show and with everyone gathered, guess the little guy wanted to put up his own performance too. A big plus was that his favourite Kor Kor Wayne was there to cheer him on and motivate him!

Fast forward to almost one month later, lil X has been stepping out a lot more nowadays. He’d smile cheekily with a sparkle in his eye to indicate that he’ll be lunging towards you. Sometimes, he’d be so excited he doesn’t steady himself first so he ends up looking like a lil’ drunkard instead! Lol…

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