For our family vacaytion this year, we decided to travel to Korea and explore the beautiful Jeju Island & Seoul. And when I say family, that includes all 9 of us adults plus 5 kids! Thus, we wisely planned the trip to be for 12 days, having ample time to explore the streets, sight see and not forgetting, visit fun places for the kids. My dear husband nearly hyperventilated as he has never been away on a holiday for so long throughout his entire career!

We set off from Singapore with an early 8am flight to Seoul Incheon Airport and took a train to their Gimpo Domestic Terminal for a transfer flight to Jeju Island.

Axl’s all ready for Korea!  “Come join us for our travel adventure…”  Korea was Seoul-Sweet... She greeted me with a personalized welcome message! Korea was Seoul-Sweet… She greeted me with a personalized welcome message!  Taking the public train to catch our Domestic flight to Jeju!  Taking the public train to catch our Domestic flight to Jeju!   Wheeee,,,, Wheeee,,,,

This route took us about 13hours and by the time we arrive to check in to our hotel, it was close to 9pm. With the kids and adults both tired and starving, I’m glad we decided to stay near to the airport for the night. Didn’t take pics of Hotel Leo, but it was really good… Clean, spacious and convenient! But OMGosh, their beds are legit the softest, most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in. It feels like you are being enveloped on a bed of clouds, yet not so soft that you feel unsupported! Slept like a happy baby… Zzzzz!

The next day after brunch, we drove down to Seogwipo (southern part of Jeju) in our rented cars since some of the places of interest we wanted to visit were at that area. Our sleep there were Log Cabins at Jungmun Log Resort! As it was elevated, the air was naturally fresh and the views, breathtaking. We just felt so peaceful amidst nature and all that space…

The cabin has a master room upstairs and a loft living area and another bedroom and toilet downstairs. It came with a living/dining area and a well equipped kitchen. Everything was really clean and sparse with just about the basic furniture, which was nice for the kids to have alot of space to play. Especially with Axl at that stage where he’s crawling everywhere, i didn’t need to worry too much about him bumping into furniture. They also thoughtfully provided mosquito repellent spray and coils to burn on top of their fully netted windows too. So thankfully we didn’t have any about pesky mosquito situations.

We took 2 cabins to accomodate the 14 of us comfortably. And we had fun gathering at the cabins for our breakfast, supper and even had a mini birthday party for Gabriel!

So this was our cosy stay the next 5days of our remaining Jeju trip. Such a nice change from the usual hotels and bustling city stay!

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