Nope, I’m not a tyrant mummy who subscribes to a ‘my way or the high way’ style of parenting and force feeds her child, as you might think from the above title.

It’s in fact my lil son who is at that stage where he goes round force feeding his ‘victims’, namely mummy and daddy. His character is really showing and this guy simply doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer… He’ll ‘strongly encourage’ you to eat and drink whatever he offers.

From cups smeared with his saliva, to mushy remnants of his biscuit that he generously ‘offers’ you to eat off his fingers, to sandwiches he ambitiously wants to stuff into your one mouthful… this fella is relentless!

But seriously, when it comes to Axl’s diet of solid foods, I’ve been struggling for quite some time now as he doesn’t like to eat cereal nor porridge. He’d eat 2 tiny teaspoons and end up rejecting most of the home cooked goodness. Sigh…

Anyway, I’ve started introducing him to outside foods. Initially, I was 2 minds about it as I’ve heard one camp’s view of how we should introduce them to him only after 2 years old and I was concerned about all the MSG and salt content in our food etc. But I’ve also heard the other camp’s version where we should expose them a variety of foods in small portions so that he will not end up a picky eater…

So well, after much deliberation and after our Korea trip, Lil X has started eating outside food.

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