Just when you thought we’re done with Jeju Island… I’m dedicating a whole post to our special memories made in U-do Island. 

We car ferried over to the the little island located a short ride away. This was a great option though you could easily rent bicycles, scooters or quad bikes to explore the island when you get there. But with 5 kids in tow, it’s was pure necessity for us to have the car with us. 

First up, we went to scenic spots to snap some photos. We had dressed the kids up in matching tops and ‘forced’ them to pose for pictures. But as you can see, we weren’t very successful with the group shots and barely had any to show for. 

The whole family then hiked up Udobong Peak to take in the poster worthy view. Certain parts were really steep and I’m kinda really thankful no one rolled downhill, so making it to the ‘top’ felt like achievement unlocked. But if you have kids below 4years old or elderly with walking problems, I’d strongly advise you not to head all the way up. Though you could still enjoy a stroll, horse riding and the scenic vastness at Udobong. 

For food, you must try the famous Hallasan fried rice!! You start off eating the grilled seafood with vegetables and mushrooms, marinated in their bibimbap like sauce. When you’re about 3/4 done, the entertaining chef adds in rice, seaweed, egg and cheese while animatedly sharing the Hallason Mountain story. It was super yums and satisfying! 

Before catching the ferry back, we went to try the highly recommended Peanut Icecream too. Sitting by the road side, enjoying our ice creams and watching the kids playing around carefree really sweetened this whole lil day trip to Udo Island! 


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