Dearest Axl, 

Happy 18th Month my not-so-baby Babyyyy!

I know, I know… Mummy has been super quiet on the blog recently. But no matter what, I told myself, that I MUST pick up the slack and record down your milestones. It’s mind boggling how fast you’ve grown and how much you can do now!

You are a full fledged toddler zooming around and I often find myself frantically running through your pics & blog archives just to hang onto shreds of your babyness!!

So here’s a mandatory list of your milestones & developments to date…  



You are saying so many words now! Although not perfectly enunciated, they are definitely clearly understood (at least by Mummy & Daddy!).

In fact, there were hardly times where you’d cry in frustration because we don’t understand you. Ok, there was that one time you woke crying and was unwell… and I couldn’t tell if it was gas, tummyache or teething pains when you cried non stop refusing milk. Yikes! 

Words you can communicate:

giant, wah!!, turtle, umbrella, no, Jie Jie, more, Yiyi, Lili, bubble, there, apple, Elmo, duck, no more, dad dad, purple, fish, ball, banana, dah, papa, nennen, mama

Here and there, you’d even surprise us with 2 words like ‘Daddad Nennen’ (milk)! 

You also can make various animal sounds like  bees buzzing 🐝, elephant 🐘, cat meowing🐱, dog barking 🐶 and your all time favorite lion roaring 🦁🦁🦁! 



You can ‘say’ these through your signs and actions: come, brush teeth, extend arms to be carried, finger one. 

You love helping us make your milk by capping your own bottle and insists on putting the vent stick in yourself! 

You will pat your diapers. Though we’re not that certain if it’s to say you’re peeing or want your diaper to be changed. But we realized our potty training days are coming soon! 

You could lead us home from the lift landing to our doorstep and will ask us for keys to bring us to open our letterbox.

Almost everyday now, you’d tug our hands and bring us to the fridge for your daily dose of cheese too! 



You are actively walking, running, kicking, throwing, climbing, dancing and trying to jump too! I say ‘trying’ because you’re more like bouncing.. but those feet are going to be off the floor soon I think. Good try anyway babe! 

I must note that your balancing skills are 100%! You’re really good at standing and balancing yourself atop your favorite kiddie ride. So we are introducing you to standing scooters here and there, though the handles are all a tad too high for you!


 – TEETH –

Your top and bottom canines are breaking through now and all your other teeth are out. So that only leaves your Second Molars which are expected around 23-33months… so yay!! At least for now.. 

When you were younger, you loved brushing your teeth! But since transiting (from the baby rubber ones) to the new kiddo toothbrush with bristles, you have been refusing to brush your teeth. So Mummy will have to go find a cute Mickey Toothbrush hopefully with softer bristles I guess!



You are super selective when it comes to adults and need time to warm up to them. But boy, you are super friendly to other children. Whether is it your cousins KorKor Gabe, Wayne or Jie Jie Amanda (erm sorry you’re not in the list Lucas… You guys aren’t besties yet!) or strangers, babies or older kids, you love them all and would constantly reach out to them! 

You also super love animals and pets. We could spend hours at the pet shop squating unglamorously and reviewing each of the species in the boxes! Rabbits, Hamsters, Turtles… 

You love dogs and have zero fear of them. While they sometimes get traumatized by your overwhelming affection to them. Poor Coco (Ken’s sister’s pet dog) hides under the table when Axl comes over as he would innocently grab Coco’s tail or poke his eyes when he was younger. Lil X knows better now, but like I said, poor Coco is forever scarred I think.. oops! 


Overall, there’s not a day that goes by without Daddy and Mummy looking at each other with gratitude or thanking God for rewarding us with the gift that is you! The one and a half year old Axl is so so much fun… you’re affectionate like a puppy and curious like a cat and definitely as cheeky as a monkey!

Love you to the moon and back,


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