RunwayMummy is ONE!! 🎉✨🎈

It kinda feels like forever and scrolling through all the blogposts really makes me misty eyed to see how far we’ve come…

After having Axl and the realization that he was growing up way too fast, I wanted to start a blog to record all his milestones and memories. But beyond that, I also wanted to record my motherhood journey, love for all things fashion/beauty and to connect with other mummies and daddies!

And since launching the blog in Jan 2016, we are so so grateful for all the opportunities and blessings that have been opened to us! And more importantly, the many people we would otherwise have not met!
I remember the many times where I would be so tired from blogging through the night, surviving on barely 2-3hrs of sleep because I needed to work the next day. But I’d receive an email or comment from a reader the next day, sharing how she could identify with what I was going through, sharing her story with me, etc… And not forgetting the many kind and encouraging words from many of you, they would spur me on to continue again and I’d feel like it was all worth it!

It has truly been such an exciting journey for us. Be it the various acting roles, advertisement filming, interviews, many photoshoots, fun event invites, sponsorship of many products/services and even helming the launch of our CityParents website, I never take it for granted and really appreciate you for taking a chance on me and believing in the vision of the RunwayMummy blog!

Big (and long overdued) shoutout to The Couture Crown. They were the first one to approach us and generously sponsored these super cute matchy outfits and items when no one even heard about us!!

Motherhood has really been so immensely satisfying and I cannot thank God enough for all that I’ve learnt and experienced. And thank YOU for walking through this journey together with us!

I pray that 2017 would be a greater year of blessings and wisdom in all that we endeavor! 😘😘😘

Photo Credits:

The Couture Crown (Outfits, Customized Alphabet Cushion and Tipi)

Joshua Phwee (Photographer)


Special Thank You:


Chainless Brain


Whistle & Flute



Hasbro Playdough

Josh & Cherie Books

Kids Haven

Gryphon Tea

Sample Store

My Fat Pocket

Smart Parents

Freshwire Network

Oak3 Films

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