We have been really blessed to have my parents and Ken’s mom to help with taking care of Axl since I went back to full time work. The peace of knowing he is in safe hands and loved by his grandparents is such a gift!

The plan had always been to put Axl in school when number 2 came along. That of course, hasn’t happened yet… But thing is, lil X has always loved interacting other children. Since he was a baby, you could often see him stop in his tracks to reach out to the lil babies younger or his age. Or he’d stare in fascination at the older ones and all 78cm of him would try to join the big kids in their antics – climbing, running, hopping around after them when he could barely stand steady.

I knew that he would so love and enjoy the school environment! That’s why we’re contemplating to enroll him this year..

So when Mindchamps kindly invited us down to visit their school, I was really curious to see how the lil bub would take to it…

Well, without getting into too many details.. He did quite well overall! He was able to respond and identify with most of what the teacher was sharing.

Fed himself well too.. Though he ate slowest and least (he doesn’t do solids very well, still on 3hrly milk feeds and quite hard to get him eat more than 3-4teaspoons).

During the time we were in class, there was a 30-40min period where he bawled his eyes off wanting to go home and kept pulling my hands to exit the room… But the teachers did well in trying their best to distract him with books and toys.

Oh ya, and in the midst of the drama… he also tried to snatch a book from his teacher while she was reading aloud from it and hugged & grabbed an older boy so hard he made him cry too! *Yikes* 😅

Mummy was almost ready to bail out of the class and just leave, but thank goodness we persevered as lil X did calm down later and had fun eating, drawing and playing with his classmates the rest of the day. 😅

In fact, I was actually really proud of him at the end of the lesson. This was a big step and it does take alot of getting use to. Plus he woke up way earlier than his routine and managed to stay awake til the half day session! Good job son!!

Will update again when I send him to school for real  😉