I’ve always believed that we communicate so much more than just with what we say. Often, our non verbal communication have so much power and speaks so much louder than our words. And lil X, who is barely able to speak beyond a handful of words, just proved this to me recently.

A few nights ago, while putting Axl to bed, I laid there quieting down my spirit and was reflecting on some events that had deeply upset me earlier during the day. And as I was praying over the situation, I started to tear…

Lil X, who was initially oblivious to my situation and happily in his own world, rolling around on the bed, soon stopped his tracks and pivoted toward me. And what he did next, totally caught me off guard…

He did the sweetest thing ever by cupping my face with one hand and stared into my teary eyes. And I was almost certain that time stopped in that instant when He ‘told’ me how it was going to be ok and that I was not alone in this situation. That whatever happens, He would be there for me and we would get through it together. “You and me, mummy… we’ll conquer the world!” he said, without even speaking a word!

The surprise was not in his emphatic reaction but more of how God spoke through him at that point of connection. I’ve read about how He can use a donkey to speak to us. But for me to experience first hand, God using a little baby (my lil baby!) to speak so much love, assurance and strength into my spirit & situation, was such an awesome encounter.

That night, I ended off the prayer asking God to use me like how He did my baby boy… to ‘speak’ to someone in need of a prayer answer or a reminder that God is with him/her or simply to reflect His love & goodness through my gestures, smile or even touch! 

 Random #throwback to when lil X was 4mths old! 😍
Random #throwback to when lil X was 4mths old! 😍

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