It’s been a month since my first Fraxel laser treatment with Halley Medical Aesthetics (see here to read more about the whole procedure if you missed it). And since there was barely any downtime and seeing the improvements in my skin, I was really looking forward to my second treatment.

So that morning, deciding to save the clinic assistant the trouble of removing my makeup, I simply slapped on my sunblock, pulled back my hair in a cute hairband and threw on a large pair of shades before heading out the door.

Back at the posh Halley Medical Aesthetics clinic, I was greeted warmly by the friendly staff and had a quick consult with Dr Terence Tan before heading to the treatment chair. I was happy to hear Dr Tan highlighting to me that they had just made an enhancement to their Fraxel laser machine. He explained how this lean, not-so-mean machine, just got way better as this improved version came with an eye rejuvenation tip. This tip was smaller than the facial tip and could provide a more effective coverage and better reach over our delicate eye area.

This time, Dr Tan also recommended a higher laser intensity to see maximum effects for a better result. I did notice slightly more redness and swelling this time around. Thus I expected a longer recovery time… but to my surprise, it took the same 2-3days for my skin to recover.

(This before and after pic taken on treatment day. You can see the swelling and redness flared across the skin after treatment. I slapped on some foundation to cover it and went right back to work after!)

It’s two weeks now after this second treatment, I noticed some brown spots that were previously there was gone. There was also a noticeable improvement in my dark eye circles. (P/s: I only did the eye bags and didn’t do the laser on my upper eyelids) Overall, my skin now has a healthy glow to it and feel that absorption of the skincare products used is much better than before! 😉

Thank you Dr Terence Tan and the Halley Medical Aesthetics team for taking such good care of my skin!! 

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