(5 May 2017)

Dearest Axl baby,

Happy HAPPY Birthday my precious firstborn! Mummy is filling your special day with so much love, good thoughts and prayers…

Boy, do I LOVE this 2yr old version of you…

You are now expressing yourself so much more and speaking 2words sentences. Recently, you just simply decided not to call me ‘Mama’ anymore and now call me ‘Mummy’ instead… which I super adore! But then again, you could call me anything and I think I’ll prolly still swoon over it! Haha..

You love your animals (zebra, giraffe, lion, tiger, bird, monkey, alligator… fave:elephant!), colours (black, brown, blue, green, red, pink, white, purple… fave:yellow!) and numbers (2,3,4,5,6,8… fave:4!) and can recite them well!

You are eating independently and feeding yourself well, though not as much as I hope you would. Diet wise, you only like plain rice, noodles and lots and lots of soup (like mummy!). No matter how much we sneakily try to mash the tiniest, smallest bits of meat into your rice, your sensitive lil tongue will know and instantly spit out everything! 😅

Some of your current favorite activities include:

– Going to the park (East Coast)! We would lay out our picnic mat, eat our snacks, spot airplanes and waving madly while shouting ‘Papa’ or ‘Yiyi’ at it when they’re away overseas! We’d also play with lotsa bubbles and you love it most playing the ball with Daddy!

– Scooting around in the airport, visit their reading corner and playing at the playground.

– Going to the market to see fish, worms, turtle, shrimps and crab!

– Visit the pet shop to see the turtles, rabbit, guinea pigs and hamsters!

You’ve also learnt to request for and love to play with the various Kor Kors (kor kor Liot Liot, kor kor Dayan) and Jie Jie OLili! And of coz his Spore cousins Kor Kor Wayne & Jie Jie Amanda!

You like to walk holding Mummy and Daddy’s hands too, so you can lift your both feet off the ground to swing in the air!

Beyond all your milestones, I marvel most at how you have grown to be such a compassionate boy with a big heart. Since you were younger, you have already been very aware with our scars or injuries. You would search the marks out out and point to them, saying ‘pain pain’ with your face all scrunched up in a pained look.

Now, you’ve taken it a notch further and would take time to pray for it. Laying your hands near the wound, with closed eyes and mumbling incoherently (haha!) ending off with ‘Amen’!

There would also be nights where you would lay hands on my head and bow your head with your eyes closed until I say ‘in Jesus name.. Amen!’. And then you would take my hand to lay on your head to pray and we would do this back and forth 10 times! You’re prolly thinking it’s a game 😂…

Thank you sweetie for the joy & blessings that you have brought to our little Sim family! Mummy and Daddy are looking forward to the contentment of our simplest memories together… as well as all our exciting adventures ahead! Happy 2nd Birthday.. and many more!

Lotsa love,

Mummy & Daddy