It’s been awhile since I found out I was pregnant with #2 now. And much has happened and I really want to archive down my pre birth journey since this blog started only after lil X was born!

For Axl, we had so much mixed emotions… Partly from all the years of waiting, praying and believing for his existence and the process we had to go through to conceive him. To be exact, he was born 11 long years after our marriage! (Read a part of it here ‘Conceiving Axl’ /blog/2016/2/19/conceiving-axl)

Of course, I was overseas working and apart from Ken a lot for the first few years of our marriage. Then I had to deal with some polyps in my womb and get that fixed… and finally, going through 3 rounds of the whole IUI (Intrauterine insemination ~ aka one step before IVF) process. Which failed…

While in the process of healing from that episodes’ disappointment, we also made the decision to shelf the IVF process to support some of our dear ones in the ministry who were fighting a battle for their lives and be there for them.

But it was in the midst of this that God came through for us and we conceived Axl naturally!

There was a measured JOY we allowed ourselves to feel because of all the ups and downs from the many many cycles of disappointment, each time we found out we were NOT pregnant! I remember Ken was overseas for work when I first had an inkling and took the first test. Only to quickly put it away… Not daring to say the whole words ‘I’m pregnant’ in confidence. Kept telling him ‘maybe’ or ‘possibly’ through the phone… haha

Once he reached back in Singapore, we were so nervous that I don’t even recall how we ended up in a small GP clinic in Novena but we confirmed the pregnancy through another pee stick and blood test that day!


So much RELIEF and GRATEFULNESS and of course joy, flooded our hearts from there on as the pregnancy progressed!!

With Baby #2, there was a seasoned and greater confidence that came along with it.

I suspected in the early weeks when I felt the slight body changes… bloatedness without cramps, signs of revival of my deflated-post-breastfeeding-boobs returning and all that extra hip weight! I’m not exaggerating when I say I struggled to zip my pants within weeks of the early pregnancy… you start showing and expand so much faster for the subsequent pregnancy! 😭

Anyway, I did a pee stick and we went back to our trusted Gynae this time for the confirmation and to see scans of our little bean!

With Axl, we were so focused on visualizing him for the longest time. Though we’ve always known we would stop at 2kids, and of course we planned and tried consciously for baby #2… but we had to take some time to process seeing the reality of our little family of 4 coming together. And when we did, we couldn’t stop grinning to ourselves at that beautiful picture! We are beyond thankful to have this privilege of being parents of 2 precious ones.. and can’t wait to welcome our second child into our arms!!!

P/s: Will blog soon on the differences of the  pregnancy and my 1st trimester. But from these scans…. #2 is already showing lots of personality… one moment waving hello and in the next breath doing a handstand in my WOMB!!! 😅