Our precious niece Amanda turns 5 years old today! Her choice for her party theme… the sweet, courageous, outspoken and curious Belle. Add dramatic to the list and it’s the perfect description of our Amanda too!

When Axl heard that it was Jie Jie Amanda’s party, he was so excited and was even willing to wear a shirt for the occasion! Haha.. 

He practiced his birthday song faithfully and of course, blowing out imaginary candles too. 

What more, upon doting Yiyi’s arrival, he even unexpectedly received a present from her!  A Peppa Pig Aeroplane!!!

Plus Er Yi and Uncle HK also bought him a bunch load of Mickey stuff from their recent overseas trip… Sigh, so blessed this boy!!

We often tease Amanda for being the only princess in our pool of 5 grandkids at the moment… but she really bring on the sweetest element and constantly melts our hearts with the things she says. And makes us laugh at her dramatic moods and over the top antics, while entertaining us with her many songs and ‘performances’. 

As you can see, Axl already adores her to no end and SanYi is so excited for you to teach my lil baby #2 all things girly like Belle, princessy, Barbie, etc… after all, there’s only so much to boys and their toys ya! 

Dont let anyone dull your sparkle, Amanda! Happy 5th birthday!!!! 😘

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