Yup, we’re expecting a baby girl… and are just simply overjoyed and beyond excited for the addition! Ken and I have discussed stopping at 2 children so it was no secret that I was praying hard for a girl after having Axl.

This pregnancy feels so different from the first. I remember breezing through the 1st 2 trimesters when I was carrying Axl… No morning sickness, no fatigue, heck… not even any cravings! 

But from the start of this second pregnancy, our little princess’s presence was undeniably felt. I often had dizzy spells and was so nauseated, I had to carry a plastic bag with me at all times and even vomited unglamly once or twice into a shopping center’s dustbin… eww! 

Not sure if being 2 years older made a difference, but I was also tired & sleepy all the time. From a person who leaps up from my bed in the mornings once the alarm rings, I simply wanted to pull the sheets over my eyes and sleep in the whole day. Til this day, I have no idea how I survived through one of my busiest periods doing our Easter costume production! 

Emotionally, I felt different too… there were a few times I had to google and read up on prenatal depression. It was really weird, coz along with the joy of the pregnancy, I carried a sense of heaviness and helplessness that seemed to weigh me down. Which I really had no reason for, as I had always wanted,  prayed for and already loved this baby growing inside of me! It made me feel like a lousy mother and had to consciously fight the guilt and range of emotions that I felt through my hormonally charged being!

Thankfully, it all passed and I felt much better once I crossed into my second trimester! 😅

Maybe because of such a vast difference in the 2 pregnancy experiences, I had a deep knowing and quiet confidence that this would be a baby girl! So it was no surprise when I went for my detailed scan for the confirmation… 

What?? Really not surprised mah… hahaha! 

But you can see from my grin, this momma is mightily pleased!!!  

Throughout the scan, the ultrasound technician kept remarking that baby girl was really active and kept on moving! That seemed to be all she kept saying… and mummy can testify to that too! Coz I remember starting to feel her moving from early on, 3+months.  And these nights when I would have trouble sleeping, baby girl would be awake with me and kicking away at 4am! And we would ‘chat’ as I gently coax her back to sleep… 

Grow well and healthy, my precious one! Daddy, Mummy and KorKor cannot wait to get to know you and your already huge personality! 😘