When Axl was around 1year old, we did an acting gig for a family video competition for SFCCA (Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations) which promotes understanding and appreciation of Chinese language, culture and values in Singapore.

We were warned that it would be a long whole day affair and instructed to bring 3 sets of clothing each. So the night before, stressed mummy had to ensure lil X slept early and timed his feeds as best as we could on the actual day.

We were introduced to the set, crew members and our on screen grandmother too! 🙂

Basically, Axl was given a range of items that represented the various professions in the industry and depending on the 1st item he picked out, that would be the industry or occupation he’d most likely enter into when he grows up…

So they had a musical instrument, a pack of food, a microphone, a stethoscope, a poetry book and an abacus laid out in front of him.

It wasn’t difficult to get his attention as we put him at a distance to crawl towards us. Can you guess which he picked out 1st?!

Tadah… my baby’s gonna be a future doctor!!! Hahaha… Yup, he picked out the stethoscope 1st out of all the items while Mummy and ‘Grandma’ cheered him on.

With just a short nap in between, Axl performed really well with lots of energy to spare… often smiling when he needed to and following our cues like a pro! Maybe he should be an actor instead… haha 😂

Overall, it was a relatively simple shoot with scenes of him exploring all the individual items, mummy and daddy playing with him, savvy grandma video-ing him with a camcorder, etc. We managed to end everything way ahead of schedule and were relieved that all went well! Great job, lil X!!!