Recently, Axl had his 1st dream… or rather, the 1st dream that he could articulate! 

We had just settled in our newly rented apartment to which I must add, Iil X had been adapting really well to. Now, he sleeps in a connecting room but separate from us. I use a baby monitor so I can hear when he calls for me. This sleeping arrangement was a planned move, so that his sleep would not be distrupted when I wake to feed Baby Gurl every 2hourly in future.

As usual, I’ve to put him to sleep (around 9pm) but thereafter, he would be ok through the night. He wakes to ask for milk around 3ish am (yup, still!) and goes back to sleep til morning 7am. 

Anyway, back to the dream… He called for me one of the mid mornings around 5am, his sleepy eyes were excited at the same time.

Almost shrieking, he said loudly “Papa, papa, lion!” (Which I thought was weird as he usually only wants me to attend to him in the mornings)

Carefully studying his expression, not sure if it was a good or scary dream involving a lion… I exclaimed “Oh Sweetie, you met a lion. Where?”

“Ah-lion at home swimming” he said. 

“Oh, was it a sea lion?” I asked, relieved, it wasn’t big maned scary lion running after my lil baby! 

“Ah-lion, Mama…”

(P/s: he doesn’t say some two syllabus words well and replaces the first syllabus with ‘ah’. Eg Table=Ah ble. Playground=Ay ground) 

And that’s where I realized that he meant MERLION!!

You see, Papa had been bringing him to visit the Merlion after school recently. Often without Mummy who’s at work… And he loves his time there, always fascinated by the mystical creature! 

So it was no wonder he was telling Papa that he dreamt of Merlion swimming!

Haha.. my cute and funny boy!! I couldn’t resist and picked him up to bring him over to our bed for kisses, snuggles and a repeat of his dream x 100 times. Haha!