Since this blog only started 7months after giving birth to Axl, I decided to dig out and archive my previous pregnancy’s OOTDs. Fashion has always been one of my loves and I feel that life is simply too fun to keep to one style. I love exploring with different looks and this didn’t change a bit when I was first pregnant 3 years ago! Here’s a walk through of the different maternity looks when I had Lil X…


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 Hello tiny Baby Axl bump!

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Comfort is key!!  

One day before I got to hold my precious boy in my hands!

As I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes and compromise style for comfort, I had to get reallyyyy creative with my original wardrobe.

Here are some simple tips to recycle your current wardrobe to fit your growing belly:

1) Layer layer layer! 

As you can see from the last 2 pics above (when I got really big), most of my everyday go to outfits consisted of white/black long tank tops or basic empire dresses paired with my various coloured jackets to add variations to your look.

For a fun alternative, layer with textured bodysuits (see lace bodysuit 👇) or coloured long tanks when your tops get too short and start exposing your belly.

2) Hide!! 

Hide those half zipped pants, shorts or skirts with a longer tee.

Or hide them using the popular Bellaband – a seamless maternity band designed to hold up unbuttoned pants and loose maternity wear with a stay-put silicone strip.

I hardly used this to be honest… mainly coz I felt the band’s compression feeling quite uncomfortable. But they have different sizes available so maybe I should have up-ed a size…

Most of the time, the long top/tank option worked better for me in terms of comfort.

3) Modify!!

Ok, this one needed creativity and more work done. But it’s really quite simple to transform your elastic banded pants into a maternity piece you can wear all the way to birth!

This black and white floral piece was originally a high waisted pant with an elastic band.

First, create a small discreet hole at the back of the inside of the pants. Then, wiggle your scissors into the hole to cut off and remove the elastic band inside. Smoothen the gathers and fold the pants like you would a wrap skirt or fisherman pants style and secure with a safety pin, brooch or these Perfect Fit buttons I got off EBay!

 Photo credit : EBay

P/s: Note to check that the elastic band is not sewn ONTO the pants before you work on it. Else, it’ll be hard to dislodge and remove the band!

Alternative to removing the band completely, you could simply snip 3/4 vertically of the elastic band (from top) to expand it a little and buy you a few weeks.

Thats it! Have fun with your maternity style and continue basking in that pregnancy glow no matter which trimester you’re in!