From the time Lil X could barely talk, he’s always been super sweet and shown an extra sympathetic side to his personality. I’ve shared before on how he’d stop in his tracks and be distracted from even the most fun toys when he spots our random bruises or cuts and points to them, saying ‘pain pain’ with his face all scrunched up in a pained look (x repeat 100 times). 


The day he turned 25months, I saw another side to this sweet personality when we were having lunch together. After we started eating, he turned to me and asked “Mama, need water?” To which I simply replied “No need, I’m good..”, not wanting to distrupt his meal.

But to my surprise, he left the table and looked for Daddy to ask him to take water for Momma and waited to personally hand my water bottle to me. I know, he’s probably mimicking how I usually take care of him.. But softie mummy burst out into tears when this act brought me into a glimpse of my sweet future where my boy is old enough to take care of me… 😭

Recently, I stumbled sleepily into his bed when he woke early one of the mornings. Seeing I was really tired and drifting in and out of sleep, he sat up and said “Mummy, I pat pat you..” and in that position, proceeded to pat me for a good 10mins at least. It felt like the longest time coz I was half waiting for him to get bored and stop, thinking how on earth he has the patience to keep going! 

My little sweetheart has since pat me to ‘sleep’ on several occasions often after covering me snugly with the blanket!

It blows my mind to think a child can be so nurturing, caring, sensitive and simply perfect. Where got kids like dat one?! 

Plus for this to happen at just 2years old?! I’m quite sure I lucked out with this kiddo.. 😭😍

And that’s how I know he’s going to be such a good brother to his lil unborn sister! 

📷: @Joshuapweephotography

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