These days, my little baby seems to run out of space in my womb. I’d often get to ‘touch’ a foot or fist that would protrude out and it would make me feel so excited to quickly make ‘contact’ with her. Really counting down to the days I can actually hold and touch her! 😍

I marvel also at how different Axl and her movements in my womb feels so different.

With Axl, the baby kicks came more obviously from the late second trimester. He was so mild and gentle and they felt more like light little flutters here and there. Sometimes I would get swishy like movements in my bump too.

But with Baby Gurl, her movements abounded from the time I ended my 1st trimester. (Really one!! Not exaggerating…)

Ok la, maybe I wasn’t sensitive enough to pick those up for the 1st pregnancy and am more experienced in recognizing baby’s movements now. But make no mistake – this is one active little baby girl in my tummy!

From the end of the second trimester, I’d often experience ripples, rumblings, jabs and lots of sharp pains on my insides that would stop me in my tracks. My conversations with people would be peppered with lots of sudden ‘aahs’ or ‘ouch’ sounds too as baby kicks yet again! 😂

The frequency of the kicks were also high. In fact, when she didn’t kick was out of the norm for me. After a meal she would kick. If I was walking a lot she would kick. Often, she would wake me in the middle of the night with her kicking. When I turned to sleep on my left, she would kick. When I turned to my right or slept upright too!

Oh boy, am bracing myself for an active little girl… Hope I’ll have the energy to keep up!

I’m often wondering what kinda personality would she have? Would she like her sweet cousin Amanda who’s into all things princess and loves make up, is super vain (haha!), breaks out into a song and dance often? Or maybe she’ll be a tough little cookie and love all things rough and into sports and one who’ll not be afraid of tumbles and sand and mud puddles etc!

Oh well, only time will tell… and regardless, you’ll always be Mummy’s sweet little princess! 😘

📸: @joshuapweephotography