With our 1st born already being delivered via Caesarean, we decided quite early on to do the same for our number #2. As Baby Gurl’s estimated due date(EDD) was 24th October 2017, we were told by doc to pick out a date that’s around 2weeks before that. FYI, It can’t be too near your EDD in case you go into natural labour.

Well, the obvious choice was 10 October 2017 as it’s such a nice date. With Axl’s birthdate being 5/5 (5 May) and Ken’s on 11/11 (11 Nov), 10/10 seemed perfect… though it would leave only mummy (24 Mar) out of this loop! 😭

However, when we entered my 3rd trimester, my gynae, Doctor Lee brought up that BabyGurl was quite small when he measured her head circumference. He was quick to assure me that it wasn’t Zika or any certain condition… still within the normal range but prolly smaller coz of our small builds.

That however, was enough to put me in a frenzy to up my diet, eat more often and consume richer foods. Thanks to my readers’ many advice too, to eat more protein, durian, avocado, mango, beef etc.. 😘

We also were prepared to delay the delivery date by a week or even two… just so Baby Girl can hopefully gain more weight and develop abit more in mummy’s womb. Anyway, 17/10/17 seems just as perfect and 24/10/17 would make mummy super happy too! Her health was ultimately our top priority at the end of the day…

So we spoke to Doc Lee at the next doctor’s appointment and brought up our concerns. Thankfully, Baby Gurl had gained a very healthy 500grams in that mere 2 weeks and doc was very pleased with her development and advised against postponing delivery too near to EDD in case I went into labor or had to do an emergency C-Sec etc…

By the time we had our following appointment (another 2weeks later), doc was happy with the weight progress and felt confident Baby Gurl would hit a healthy weight for the original due date. By this time, we also had been praying and felt the peace to go ahead.

So in conclusion… it seems set we’ll be welcoming our new addition to the family on 10 OCTOBER 2017!

Exactly one week’s time…. and this family of 4 will be complete!  😱😬😊🤗

 📸: @Joshuapweephotography 📸: @Joshuapweephotography