Whether we like it or not, it is going to be a time of adjustment for Axl when our newborn arrives. There’s gonna be times where he’ll be wondering why I can’t bring him out to play and am stuck with this new tiny human at home. Or wish that I could put him to bed instead of carrying and feeding his little sister all the time. 

So with the upcoming transition in mind, we’ve been doing all we can to assure him of our love for him and practically prepare him for his sister’s arrival. From reading elder sibling books to him, to explaining to him how a little baby drinks milk or cries as a form of communication, etc… 

I’ve also been spending lotsa quality time with him too, letting him know that while my time might have to be split between dem children, my love for them only multiplies and abounds!

So last week, we decided to pull him out of his preschool for two days and brought him out on a staycation at Singapore’s DowntownEast D’Resort! 

He enjoyed his Amazonian Jungle themed room so much and was thrilled to sleep surrounded by all the animals! It was huge and spacious and perfect for a bigger family of 4 actually. We also had fun with the puzzle to unlock a treasure box full of surprises! (Check out their family oriented rooms here

It was really the perfect place for him as there was so much to explore within the area and of course the biggest attraction, his favourite water theme park Wild Wild Wet was there too! We went on both days and Axl simply didn’t want to leave…

It’s great for the adults too as they recently completed their mega renovation and expanded the water theme park to double its size. (See my previous post on Wild Wild Wet here.) 

And just this week, they opened another two more rides, Vortex – which will send thrill-seekers splashing down the slide through twists and turns at speeds of up to 600 meters per minute – and Kraken Racers – a four-lane intertwined ride suitable for adults and children. Go play now!!


(In this video, Axl was protesting against Mummy taking these exciting rides… Then imitated Jiaqi’s silly & dramatic reaction! 😂)

We were also given complimentary unlimited playtime at eXplorerkids which Axl enjoyed tremendously too. So we spent our second day running all over this huge indoor playground… 

All in all, we had lotsa fun and would definitely wanna be back again in December when Gaby and Lucas (his cousins) comes back from Japan!!

We pray that Axl will remember these memories we had and never forget how loved, treasured and precious he is to us regardless of whether he is our only or oldest child! 

📸: @joshuapweephotography

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