One of the most common questions I’ve been asked is how Axl has been, receiving his new baby sister.

Throughout the pregnancy, we’ve tried preparing him the best we knew how. And there were many times where we felt unsure of how much he understood that he was going to be a big brother soon!

Case in point – Mid way through my pregnancy, he came to pat pat my stomach and pointed to it saying “Baby!”. We were of course happy and proud that he understood what we were telling him. But few hours later, he suddenly pointed to Daddy’s stomach and with that same pat pat, said “Baby!” too. We both burst out laughing, unable to contain ourselves but also realized that it was kinda hard for a two year old to understand fully or even partially. Heck… Even I myself was unsure what to expect life with 2kids was going to be like!

On the delivery day, we arranged for Axl to come by to see us at the hospital after his school. When he reached the ward however, he was quite terrified and kept repeating “Don’t want Axl see doctor” while clinging on to Daddy tightly.

You see… early of this year, he got really sick with a lung infection and had to be hospitalized for 5days. Scans, injections, iv drip and the whole works really traumatized him badly.

So we took our time to assure him that he didn’t need to see doctor and that no one was sick. That Mummy had given birth to baby who is no longer in my belly. When he had calmed down reasonably, we then showed him Baby Alexa who was in her bassinet and introduced them to each other!

Think it prolly only sunk in when we mentioned baby Alexa had a gift for him. Haha.. His cheeky eyes lighting up as he unveiled all his favourite things – the Playdoh, Ribena sweets and a pack of Milo!

When we offered for him to ‘carry’ Mei Mei, he was of course, ecstatic! Here’s also one of the first photos of our family of four.

And from there on, he started taking his big bro duties very seriously. Introducing and pointing to her excitedly to various visitors while chiming with utmost pride ‘A-lex-xa’!

We brought some colour dough to keep him entertained during his time in the hospital and suggested he did it for his sister. So here he is showing her his artwork and telling her all about dragons and their fiery breaths of power… (ok, not true this second part)

Since day 1, this amazing boy has been trying to adapt with the changes the best he knows how. But he definitely misses his Mummy lots. My heart broke when I heard how he cried calling out for me during his sleep time and when he woke multiple times in the early morning. He acted out a little too on the second and third night refusing to go home and wanting to stay with me in the hospital. 😅

2 weeks now since Alexa’s arrival, he does show signs of neediness here and there. Like when given the option of going out to play with some of his favourite people/activities, he’d rather choose to stay home or in his own words “I want Momma”.

I feel it’s coming more from missing me than jealousy of his baby sister though… But i guess it is still kinda early to tell. Nevertheless, we’re prepared to deal with whatever that comes along and will meanwhile simply shower him with as much attention and love we can give.

In spite of all these, there’s definitely no denying his love, fascination and adoration he has for his baby sister. Usually the 1st thing he does when he’s back from school is to run to her crib shouting “Where’s Axl’s Alexa?!”


Constantly kaypoh-ing and telling us when she makes even the slightest whimper. Stopping all he’s doing to ‘help’ us take care of her – be it to ‘pass us a tissue’ or ‘throw her diaper’ etc.

Thank you Axl, for always looking over and looking out for Mei Mei Alexa…. You are an awesome Big Brother! We love you both to the moon and back! 😘


2nd month into Alexa’s arrival, Axl started to act up… especially when I had to feed her during his sleep time! He would cry and insist I lie down beside him and not want Alexa to drink… Or he would sit with me while waiting for me to finish nursing her. Thus pushing back and messing up his sleep routine. 😓

During the day, he would be fawning all over his little sister tho… Oh well! #mummylife