We celebrated Alexa’s 1 month milestone recently and brought her to church for the 1st time too that week.  We held a mini ‘party’ for her to meet all the wonderful zone members and precious friends before our Saturday service!

We wanted to keep it simple and I joked that it was really more of a party for Mummy to fellowship and meet the world again after one month of confinement. I was bored to tears and yearning desperately for my freedom (especially the latter 2 weeks)… I guess I’m the kind of bird that can’t be caged! 

Imagine my joy meeting everyone and catching up with all! We really appreciate you and know that there are places you can be at and things needed to be done on a precious Saturday afternoon. But you took time out to drop by and we were also super touched by the initiative our friends decorated the place so nicely and help make everything so special! Thank you all for your love, gifts, time and prayers showered! 

Special thanks to Sweetest Memories for the cute mini cupcakes and gift boxes too! We had great feedback from our friends and relatives… their yummy glutinous rice was da bomb! 👍👍

As Daddy’s birthday fell on that exact day, his special day was made extra sweet with a surprise celebration for him and of course, YOU; precious Alexa, was the best gift he could ever ask for!