Archiving Axl’s milestones for the last 6 months. From most recent to oldest…


29th Month (5oct-4nov)

– Speaks in 3rd person “Where Axl mama?”

– 1st movie: My Little Pony @ Suntec 20171104


28th Month (5sep-4oct)

– 20170919 Stopped crying in SJHIFCC after 2weeks! 👏👏👏

– Speaks fluently.

– Loves finger puppets & playdoh

– Wash face like mamma with water cupped in his hands

– Can say when he wants to pee and poo

27th Month (5aug-4sep)

– When angry : 2 fist clenched. Stretch out hand at you with ‘pssushh’ sound… 😂

– When dislike food : Stick out tongue and “eelkkkk”

– “Come On Momma, let’s go..”

– Cheekily calls me ‘Dah’, imitating Daddy…

– Loves Dinosaurs. Only wanna wear Dinosaur tshirts

– Ok to brush teeth now with standing at basin and likes to spitting like a merlion

– Can’t feed medicine orally. Gag, scream and cry.

– Breakthrough in washing hair using cloth and can look up.

– Loves watertable

– Play ‘Picnic’ offering strawberries and cheesels

– “Lion/Dinosaur” coming..

– Kiss mama mouth and cheek voluntarily

– Start school at SJHIFCC 2Sep2017


26th Month (5jul-4aug)

– 1st articulated dream : Woke up say Papa, Lion (Merlion).

(Blogpost on Dream here)

– Express: angry face

– Speak Chinese: Jiandao(Scissors), JiDan(Egg), HaiYou(Still have)

– Convo about work:

Axl: “I want go work.”

Mom: What do you wanna work as? Doctor?

Axl: “No… Church!”

Mom: Oooh you wanna go work in church?! Okie..

Axl: “Want praise the Lord!”

25th Month (5jun-4jul)

– Asked if I need water during lunch and insisted dad bring me water even when I said no need. 😭😭😭

(Blogpost here)


24th Month (5may-4jun)

– Words: Change from ‘Mama’ to ‘Mummy’, speaks 4word sentences

– ‘Helps’ lift up butt when changing diapers

– Stopped crying in MMI school 20170525

– Count 3 to 10 himself (He skips the 2!)

– Recognize numbers 1-10

– Recognize some alphabets

I don’t care, you’ll always and forever and ever be my baby! ❤

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